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Tuition Reimbursement Program


Full-time staff employees Assistant Dean and above are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement for advanced study at other colleges or universities. Requirements generally include*:
  • Exemplary work performance.
  • Advancement potential within the University.
  • 5 years RMU work experience required for application to a Master's program.
  • 10 years RMU work experience required for application to a Doctorate program.

    * To serve the best interest of the University, there may be circumstances where the above general requirements are modified. Such modification requires approval by the President.

Applications will not be considered for study that is available at Robert Morris University.


Employees are responsible for paying the tuition up-front and will be reimbursed (receipts required) over a three-year period after degree completion. One-third of the cost of the tuition (and loan interest, if applicable) will be reimbursed after the employee completes one year of RMU service following degree completion, another one-third after the second and the final third after the third year of service.


Reimbursement will continue under the following circumstances:
  • The employee's position is eliminated due to restructuring/reduction in force, or
  • for death, or
  • for any reason approved by the Administration that is not the fault of the employee.

Reimbursement will not be made or will cease under the following circumstances:
  • A degree is not awarded, or
  • for voluntary resignation, or
  • for termination for cause.

The course of study must be relevant to the employee's role at the University and must be approved by the Department Head, the appropriate Vice President/Sr. Vice President, Vice President for Human Resources and the President.

The value of the tuition repayment will be taxed as required by IRS regulations.

Application Process

Application to the Tuition Reimbursement Program requires the following:
  • Statement of educational objectives.
  • Information on the proposed college/university program.
  • Specification of the degree or academic area of consideration.
  • The value of the degree to the individual and to the University.
  • Expected date of completion.
  • A copy of the certification of acceptance for advanced study.

RMU Doctoral Program Benefits

Staff members may apply for doctoral program benefits to attend doctoral programs offered by the University. Employees must be recommended by their Department Head and their department's Vice President/Sr. Vice President, all of whom must certify the degree is appropriate to the primary responsibilities of the employee and, if attained, serves to advance the interests and goals of the University. Approval must be secured through the Vice President for Human Resources and the President.

If the employee satisfies all the criteria for admission and is approved by the University for Doctoral Program Benefits, he or she is responsible for paying the tuition up-front and will be reimbursed (receipts required) over a three-year period after degree completion. Sections above are applicable. Section above concerning taxes is applicable.

Effective: 08/01/2006

Updated: 11/30/2009