Learning and Development at RMU

Why Is Development So Important? 

RMU is committed to a high-performance culture and developing our human capital. By setting goals, having performance development conversations, and creating an environment to learn, RMU emphasizes the importance of employee development. 

With dedication to learning and development, employees enhance the RMU core values of Excellence, Innovation, Responsiveness, and Transformation

Pervasive Learning Model 

Learning happens everywhere. The Pervasive Learning model delivers insight on how and where development can take place, highlighting three different types of learning: Formal, Informal, and Social. 
  • Formal Learning occurs in traditional classroom settings and through online eLearning techniques.
  • Informal Learning involves the sharing of expertise, skill, and inspiration.
  • Social Learning is the exchange of knowledge and information over the internet.
(D. Pontefract, 2013) 

Learning is a collaborative, continuous, connected, and community-based growth mindset. These learning techniques happen more and more unintentionally through real-life experiences. By joining a webinar, reading a blog, or attending a conference, people are constantly learning which helps to develop into better employees and better leaders. 

Learning and Development Resources

RMU has created several resources for employees to use to help expand their knowledge and develop as an employee or manager. 

The spreadsheet create provides multiple different resources on  a variety of topics such as performance, emotional intelligence, and Microsoft Office trainings. Each resource is paired with RMU core values and strengths to help employee growth in those categories. There are online articles, videos, and webinars that can be used to enhance Informal Learning

YouTube videos are a perfect example of Social Learning through an online medium. RMU Human Resources has created a channel, RMU Talent Academy, and several videos, Talent Talk, relating to different performance development topics. More videos will be added moving forward so be sure to subscribe and stay up-to-date with RMU Talent Academy. 

Episode I: Goal Setting

Talent Talk Episode I: Goal Setting

Episode II: The Performance Development Process

Talent Talk Episode II: The Performance Development Process

Do you have a story that you want to share about your success here at RMU or somewhere else? Did you learn something, apply it to your work and it turned out successful? Share your story and some advice to help inspire others to learn and develop within their careers. 

Campus Connections is a campus-wide newsletter sent out each month. It includes information of events happening on campus, tips and resources, and benefits and wellness information. Be sure to look out at the beginning of each month to stay connected with events and resources that can help improve all three types of pervasive learning.