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Assignment of Duty / Scheduling

1.0 Policy
1.1 It is the policy of Robert Morris University to conform to the regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and to provide work schedules and assignments consistent with the operational needs of each department and the University.

2.0 Scope
2.1 This policy applies to full-time, regular part-time, and part-time employees.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 Assignment of Duty/Scheduling

3.1.1 Work schedules and assignments are established by department managers to meet the needs of the department and the University.

3.1.2 The department manager will determine the location that duties are to be performed in order to meet the operational needs of the department or University.

3.1.3 Employees are responsible for reviewing the schedule and knowing the days and times of their scheduled work shift.

3.1.4 Work schedules are based on a Sunday (12:00 AM) through Saturday (11:59:59 PM) seven-day work week and will conform to the regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
3.1.5 Employees are to be scheduled in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Classification of Employees Policy and appropriate position descriptions.

3.1.6 At times, the department manager may find it necessary to hire a temporary employee. Temporary assignments must be approved by the appropriate vice president and coordinated through the Human Resources Department and the University Budget Officer.

3.1.7 The department manager reserves the right to make changes in the schedule and assign duties to meet the operational needs of the department and the University. The department manager will make every effort to notify employees as soon as possible concerning the change in schedule or assignment of duties. Employees can suggest changes or improvements in work procedures and schedules and should direct them to their immediate supervisor.

3.1.8 Failure to follow a work assignment or failure to accept a work schedule can result in being subject to the appropriate University disciplinary procedure.

3.2 Hours of Work

3.2.1 The hours a department is to be operational are to be established by the Officer of the University who is responsible for the department.

3.2.2 The manager responsible for the department or his/her designee is to schedule the employees to meet the guidelines established by the Officer.

3.2.3 Schedules for full-time employees are to be determined by the department manager based on 40 hours per work week. The work week is to consist of 37 1/2 hours of actual work time.

3.2.4 Schedules for regular part-time employees are to be determined by the department manager and based on hours that normally cannot exceed more than 32 paid hours in any given work week.

3.2.5 Lunch breaks are not included within this work week and are to be scheduled so that the office/department remains functional. Lunch can be up to one (1) hour in duration and is unpaid. In accordance with the FLSA, this does not apply to exempt employees.

3.2.6 Overtime will not be worked by non-exempt employees without the authorization of the department manager.

3.3 Employees who have been found to violate this policy can be subject to the appropriate University disciplinary procedure.

Effective: 02/01/2000