Welcome to Wellness at RMU

Health vs. Wellness

Health and wellness are two topics that are easily confused when describing the overall well-being of your body, mind and soul. However, they are both two distinct parts of well-being.  Health describes your quality of life, or the act of keeping your body, mind and soul healthy. Wellness describes the general well-being, of the act of living a healthy lifestyle. 

In order to achieve a balance between health and wellness, we need to attend to each of the Four Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mindful, and Financial.

Four Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness help you find a deeper, more meaningful balance within yourself, your mind, body and soul. While each of the dimensions are important and need our attention, there doesn't have to be a balance among them all. The goal is to find a personal harmony or balance that is most true to you. 

Finding the right balance is up to you, but RMU is here to help with resources, tools, programs and services to learn how to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

Dimensions of Wellness Definitions

Physical Wellness: Recognize the need for regular physical activities and encourages learning about diet and nutrition to care for our bodies now and in the future.

Mindful Wellness: Find purpose, value and meaning in your life and participate in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values.

Emotional Wellness: Understand and respect your feelings, values and attitudes while appreciating the feelings of others.

Financial Wellness: Manage your resources to live within your means, make informed financial decisions and investments, set realistic goals, and prepare for short-term and long-term needs or emergencies.

Wellness Resources

Physical Wellness Resources
  • MyHealth@School Center:  Onsite services for faculty and staff that treat a variety of health issues including, weight check, blood pressure checks, weight management programs and one-on-one health coaching
  • On-campus Facilities:   The Robert Morris University Student Recreation and Fitness Center (RMU SRFC) offers membership to all full and part-time eligible faculty and staff employed by Robert Morris University University and their spouses.
Emotional Wellness Resources
  • Life Solutions:  Life Solutions provides a broad range of services to assist faculty, staff, and their family in balancing work and the stresses of daily life. These services include counseling services, consulting with a WorkLife specialist on family care options, and monthly webinars on topics ranging from finances to retirement.
  • Health Coaching:  Multiple services are available through health coaching, including emotional support such as stress management sessions, Lunch and Learn series about mental and physical health, and more! 
Mindful Wellness Resources
  • Mindful.orgFree resources including guided mediation exercises, as well as articles and tips to help support you in your mindfulness journey. 
Financial Wellness Resources
  • Financial and Retirement Planning/Counseling:  As you prepare for retirement, consider meeting with Kevin Bove from Henderson Brothers to discuss Retirement Plans, Income Needs Analysis, Investment Analysis, Medicare and Social Security Questions, etc. This free service is provided to all RMU faculty and staff.
  • Medicare Resources:  Henderson Brothers can help with questions related to medicare, including a recorded webinar Expect an Expert:  The Basics of Medicare

MyHealth@School Center

  • Location:  Jefferson Center
  • Academic Year Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm with provider available from 8:30am-4:00pm
  • Phone:  412-397-6220
Open to all full-time, benefit-eligible employees and enrolled spouses.Convenient, lower cost than MedExpress, treats minor health issues and injuries. Examples:  sinus infection, sore throat, poison ivy, etc.