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Recruitment / Hiring
1.0 Policy
1.1 It is the policy of Robert Morris University to recruit and hire employees without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

1.2 Robert Morris University will provide a reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities, unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the University.

2.0 Scope
2.1 This policy applies to full-time, regular part-time, and part-time employees.

2.1.1 This policy does not apply to part-time faculty.

3.0 Procedure
3.1 The recruitment and hiring of qualified employees will be coordinated by the Human Resources Department.

3.2 Employee Requisition Form - An Employee Requisition Form is to be approved prior to the commencement of recruitment activities for all vacancies and new positions.

3.2.1 If the position is a vacancy rather than a new position, the former employee's letter of resignation must be received in Human Resources before the form may be initiated.

3.2.2 Human Resources will fill in the appropriate areas of the form and attach the prior or new job description. No activity will occur to fill a position until it is determined that the description is current, properly evaluated, and approved by the department manager and/or the Human Resources Department. A Human Resources Department representative will meet with the hiring department to review the position description and qualifications for the position to make sure both are current and appropriate.

3.2.3 Department managers must sign the Employee Requisition Form, available in the Human Resources Department, and forward it to their vice president for approval. If any changes to the job description are necessary, the department manager will note them in red on the job description prior to forwarding to the vice president.

3.2.4 The approved form should then be forwarded to the Human Resources Department by the department manager for completion of the approval process.

3.3 Notice of Vacancy - A Notice of Vacancy will be prepared and posted by the Human Resources Department for all full-time and regular part-time positions.

3.3.1 Any changes in the job description will be noted on the Notice of Vacancy.

3.3.2 The Notice of Vacancy will be posted for a seven calendar day period which will include 5 work days excluding holidays.

3.3.3 During the Notice of Vacancy posting period, the hiring manager may review applicants from the job bank maintained in the Human Resources Department.

3.3.4 Part-time positions are not posted.

3.4 Application by Internal Candidates - To apply for a position, the eligible internal applicant must submit a letter of application and/or resume to the Human Resources Department within the seven (7) day posting period. The eligible candidate must notify their present department manager of the application.

3.4.1 A Human Resources Department representative will send the letter of application and/or resume to the hiring manager for their review if the employee meets the minimum requirements for the position. A copy will also be placed in the employee's personnel file. If minimum requirements are not met, the Human Resources Department will contact the individual to advise that minimum requirements are not met for the position.

3.4.2 Employees with at least five months in their current position are eligible to apply for positions.

3.4.3 The hiring manager can decide to accept or reject internal applications submitted after the posted deadline.

3.4.4 Personnel files, performance reviews, and other pertinent information may be reviewed by the hiring manager coordinated through a Human Resources Department representative. Candidate information is carefully evaluated and interview arrangements are made for those who best meet the needs of the hiring manager.

3.5 Advertised Positions - If necessary, position advertisements for external applicants may be placed in appropriate news media. These advertisements must be coordinated through the Human Resources Department.

3.5.1 Advertisement costs are charged to the Public Relations advertising budget by the Human Resources Department. If the Public Relations budget has been depleted, the hiring department will have to transfer funds to cover the advertisement cost.

3.5.2 Advertised position responses will be directed to the Human Resources Department. Acknowledgement letters will be sent by the Human Resources Department. Subsequent letters to applicants who were interviewed for the position but were not hired will be initiated by the hiring manager. Sample letters are available from the Human Resources Department.

3.6 Interview Process/References - Interviews are conducted by the hiring manager. However, a Human Resources Department representative can conduct preliminary interviews at the hiring manager's request.

3.6.1 Qualified internal applicants must be interviewed by the hiring manager.

3.6.2 The hiring manager is to schedule interviews with the candidates or ask the Human Resources Department to schedule the interviews.

3.6.3 The hiring manager checks references of the candidate he/she is interested in hiring or asks the Human Resources Department to check the references for him/her. Applicants cannot be offered a position without obtaining references.

3.7 Internal Candidates

3.7.1 If the offer is made to an internal candidate, the employee will have three (3) business days to accept or reject the offer. At this time, the employee will notify his/her current department manager and the hiring manager of the decision.

3.7.2 The new assignment will begin within two (2) weeks of acceptance by the employee. However, this may be extended or reduced if it's mutually agreed upon by the former department manager and the new department manager.

3.7.3 In the event that the employee rejects the offer of promotion or transfer, the hiring manager has the option of re-opening the search.

3.7.4 The hiring manager will notify other internal candidates of the hiring decision within three (3) days of the date of acceptance.

3.7.5 Salary Changes If an employee is promoted to a position in a higher salary level, he/she may be recommended for an increase of up to 10% of their current salary, based on the budgeted amount for the position, market forces, internal equity, and the approval of the Human Resources Department. Increases above 10% will require approval by the vice president of the appropriate area. If an employee elects to accept a position in a lower salary level, that employee's pay may be adjusted accordingly. Primary factors that will be considered are employees in that salary level with similar experience and the salary of the employee's previous position. If an employee is demoted to a position in a lower salary level, the employee's salary may be adjusted accordingly and may be "red circled" (red circled is when an employee's salary is frozen until the salaries for the position exceeds the frozen salary).

3.8 Selecting Process/Offer of Position - In selecting the best candidate for a position vacancy, job related skills (ability) and applicable work experience will be primary factors. Internal applicants may be given priority over external applicants with relatively equal qualifications. However, the University reserves the right to recruit and hire qualified external candidates.

3.8.1 The hiring manager is to discuss the candidates with the Human Resources Department.

3.8.2 When interviews are completed and a selection is made, the hiring manager and a Human Resources Department representative will determine the salary for the candidate or a salary change which resulted from a promotion, demotion or transfer of an internal candidate. The offer can be made by the hiring manager or the Human Resources Department. An offer cannot be made unless the Human Resources Department verifies that the salary offer is consistent with the budget.

3.8.3 If the candidate accepts the position, the Human Resources Department will send a job acceptance letter to the successful candidate and a copy to the hiring manager. For positions of director level and above, the letter will be sent by the appropriate supervisor.

3.9 When an employee who transfers to a new position is due for a performance evaluation shortly after the transfer, the following scale will be used for determining which department manager will do the evaluation:

Time in New Department % By Each Department Manager
0 - 2.99 months 100% - Previous Department Manager
3 - 5.99 months 75% - Previous Department Manager
.. 25% - Current Department Manager
6 - 8.99 months 50% - Previous Department Manager
.. 50% - Current Department Manager
9 - 12 months 100% - Current Department Manager

3.10 The University may decide at any time to reduce or change the status/title of a position that is posted. If the position is placed on hold, the Human Resources Department will notify internal candidates. If the position is released, applicants will have to re-apply.

3.11 When rehiring a former employee who has been away from the employ of the University for less than 90 calendar days, there will be no break in service.

3.12 The first five months of employment for a new employee are considered to be an orientation and review period.

3.12.1 During this time, the employee and department manager will evaluate the suitability of the new employee for the position.

3.12.2 Department managers should use this time to review and discuss the employee's progress in meeting the requirements of the position and adapting to the work environment.

3.12.3 If it is determined by the department manager and Human Resources that the new employee is not suitable for the position, a formal disciplinary process will not be required for termination of employment.

3.12.4 Refer to the Benefits Policy for information on the accrual and use of benefits during the first five months of employment for new employees, including those employees who have transferred from a position that does not have benefits to a position that has benefits.

3.13 The hiring of a relative in the same department is permitted if the relative does not report directly to the employee.

3.13.1 Human Resources should be informed of the relationship prior to the offer of employment.

3.13.2 The Assistant Vice President for Administration and Human Resources and the vice president for the hiring area must approve the hiring.

3.14 The University provides limited moving expenses for newly hired employees in the form of a three-year forgivable loan for professional staff hired to the University from a distance beyond 100 miles.

3.14.1 The expense amount may be up to $1,500.

3.14.2 Requests exceeding the $1,500 limit must be recommended to the appropriate vice president and approved by the President.

3.14.3 The expenses must be documented.

3.15 Student Employment - Effective May 1, 2007

3.15.1 Student employment is offered to assist in meeting the needs of the University, provide University students with financial support in pursuit of their academic goals and provide opportunities for academic or administrative job experience. The job duties and responsibilities of student employees vary greatly, and may or may not be related to their field of study.

3.15.2 A student is defined as someone currently enrolled in at least one academic course at the University. The University maintains a distinction between student appointments and ongoing regular employment. These distinctions may include, but are not limited to, the nature of work, hours worked, rate of pay and benefit eligibility.

3.15.3 Student employment may be funded through Federal Work Study (FSA), University Student Payroll (USP) or a Robert Morris University departmental salary budget. FSA eligibility is based upon a student's financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. USP funds and departmental salary budgets are determined through the budgeting process.

3.15.4 It is the policy of Robert Morris University to hire Robert Morris University students for all student employment and summer positions. All such positions must be posted through the web-based Student Employment Program (SEP) utilized by the Career Center. For more information on the SEP please contact the Student Employment Office in the PPG Industries Career and Leadership Development Center.

3.15.5 Summer positions may be filled by non-Robert Morris University students only if the position has been posted on the SEP and a qualified Robert Morris University student is not available. The Student Employment Office must verify this by signing the Payroll Authorization form prior to the non-student beginning work.

3.15.6 The hiring of a relative for a student employment opportunity in the same department is permitted only if the employee is not in a position of authority over the relative. Any exception to this policy must be approved in writing by the Vice President for Human Resources prior to an offer of employment being extended.

3.15.7 For additional information contact the Student Employment Office in the PPG Industries Career and Leadership Development Center.

4.0 Definition of Terms
4.1 Qualified Individual with a Disability - An individual with a disability who meets the skill, experience, education and other job-related requirements of a position held or desired and who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of a job.

4.1.1 Individual with a Disability - is a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of his/her major life activities; has a record of such impairment; or is regarded as having such impairment.

4.2 Reasonable Accommodation - A change in the work environment or in the way things are done that results in equal employment opportunity for an individual with a disability.

Effective: 5/1/2007